It’s Time To Find Joy.

I hate this time. I hate the all the uncertainty, the hostility and divisiveness. It’s like I need a reality check. It’s my nature to be a people pleaser, a positive attitude guy and encourager. I don’t feel like that guy anymore, I no longer feel like who I am. It’s not just in my head. People from my past, people I love, people I respect are telling me I’ve changed. Some can’t handle it and are cutting ties. They seem to miss the old me who was mostly positive and light hearted. So do I.
Thing is, for some of us, the world turned upside on November 8. That’s not hyperbole. For civil rights voters the partnership of Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Donald Trump was about as scary as anything imaginable. That fear was manifested in the rhetoric of these men’s life’s work. We took them at their word and to date there has been no evidence that our fears were unwarranted.
So here we are.
Time to find the good in our predicament. And we need to find inclusive good. Almost half of the electorate that was made up of less than half of eligible voters wanted this change. A portion of those may be having second Tumblr- Inspirethoughts and others remain committed only because they are so wrapped up in finally having some power over hated liberals that they are willing to overlook nearly anything. Hopefully the latter will come around at some point. I say all that as confirmation that most Americans didn’t sign up for this presidency and resistance holds promise.
So what do we do in the meantime?
I look back at the times in my life where I felt the most joy and when I was most fulfilled; The least scared for my brothers and sisters. Those times always incorporated a combination of working toward attainable goals and being of service to others. It was at those times in my life where I subjugated complacency and self service to working toward a larger purpose that I found peace and joy.  That works perfectly with what these times call for. Those of us longing to feel grounded with purpose can find it in standing up against oppression and disenfranchisement. Those of us suffering an impending sense of dread can focus on lifting others from the same sense.
I’m going to seek out opportunities to spread joy, to lift up, to support others more shaken or vulnerable than me. We had a safety pin movement not too long ago. Not sure if that’s still a thing but my safety pin is going to be a smile, a greeting, an acknowledgement that we are all seen, noticed and appreciated. If there is ugliness I will stand up to it. Where there is hatred I will show love. None of that will change. Now that my feet are back under me maybe those who have cut ties with me can meet me part way and recognize that we are first children of God. We are second part of a global humanity and the least of what we are is defined by political differences.


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I first used Red Hog Diary to think out loud in 2005. It worked like therapy for me and was much less expensive. I retired the domain in 2008 I suppose in part because I liked the way the country was heading and I felt safe. That was then. I’m back. I suppose in part because I… well that’s maybe not important. I don’t have a mission writing here other than to seek a little validation that I’m not alone in my thoughts. So thanks for reading.
The election of Trump and his continued sophomoric misbehavior have created a national cognitive dissonance that is at once embarrassing and alarming. I’ve been wrestling with the resultant emotions as each day brings increasingly childish tweets and the obvious lack of preparedness of Trump to do this job.
Those are some pretty outrageous feelings aren’t they? I mean, I literally struggle with questioning if I’m blowing things way out of context one moment and if I’m absolutely not doing enough to defend our way of life the next. Yeah, it’s that scary sometimes. A lot of people just want everyone to calm down and see what happens. I get it. Hostilities and defensiveness are running at an all time high among families, friends and acquaintances.img_0025
I get messages and comments from friends asking me to stop, to give Trump a chance, they want me to shut up. You know what I want? I want Trump supporters and Congress to acknowledge that our president must support our intelligence agencies always and Vladimir Putin never. When Trump goes off on childish twitter rants we should agree we expect more from the President of the United States of America. When Trump demagogues all press and favors only those agencies who are complimentary of him we need to expect more. I could do this all night but you should get the idea by now. Oh one more thing. If you want us to come together then when Donald Trump lies you need to say, “Yep. That was a lie.”
If all grown adults in this country would agree to hold our president elect to the standards that the office of the President of the United States of America commands I might calm down some. I’ll meet you half way. Let’s come together by holding all of our elected officials accountable to we the people and not to Goldman Sachs, Exxon and mother Russia. This isn’t that hard people.

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