Dear Trump Voter

I am the first to admit that I do not understand the trump voter and until recently, I had no desire to do so. Just being honest. That’s really the problem isn’t it? It also seems reasonable to believe that most who voted differently than I have no desire to understand my complaint with the results of the recent election. Nearly everything I see and read suggests our differences are irreconcilable given the status quo. So what do we do? Should the majority of the voting electorate just suck it up, get over it, and move on? I don’t think that’s likely.

Let’s start here. Dear Trump voter, I’m sorry I did not appreciate your pain. Explain to me, if you would be so kind, what was so unbearable in your privileged white middle class life when Obama set about to save you from a global depression. Haha. OK. Let me try again.

Dear Trump voter, I’m sorry I did not appreciate your pain. Explain to me, if you would be so kind, what was behind your decision to do what you’ve done. Honestly, I don’t get it.
There is the anyone but Hillary voter but I don’t understand them either. Obviously, however, they meant it when they said anybody. What is it about Hillary that impacted you directly, that made even the smallest difference in your life that is so unforgivable?
There are the we need change voters. Tell me if I’m wrong but I imagine those voters are driven by income inequality. Either they think their portion and opportunity for a slice of the pie is inadequate or they believe people less fortunate than they are eating their pie. The Goldman Sachs billionaire cabinet will be holding you down in billionaires policies and the woman and child on welfare were only going to cost you $405 a month.

I really have no idea what could have possibly motivated you to vote for Donald J Trump. But you did and your side won so we’ve got to deal with that. We’ve got to suck it up, get over it and move on. This is really hard for me. My president, in his farewell address reminded me, “We through the instrument of our democracy can form a more perfect union.” He described that as one of the greatest gifts of our founding fathers.

Obama farewell address

When I first watched that speech I was restored with hope and was convicted to draw upon my better nature and look for it in others. But there was another part of his speech that I think resonates more clearly to me now that I’ve had a few days to internalize his message. He said he was returning to the most important job in our democracy. Citizen.

So Dear Trump voter, I’m sorry I did not appreciate your pain. Maybe you should just suck it up, get over it, and move on because I and a majority of Americans will be doing everything we can to undo what you have started here. Our job as citizen will be to point out what is truly happening in this world. We won’t lead with fear but with hope and you are welcome to reap the harvest like you did the last 8 years. It’s too bad you were so blinded by rage that a black man was your Savior that you couldn’t just enjoy life and contribute to making it even better.


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