Happy Valentine’s Day.

I used to smugly refer to Valentine’s Day as Amateur’s Day because I always felt like I do a pretty good job of letting the important people in my life know how I feel about them. It’s different this year. Many feel insecure about their future. Others of us are blessed to not feel directly threatened by the current state of affairs in Washington and in state houses across the land. That distinction provides little solace as people we love feel at risk. It shouldn’t be this way.
img_4803It is in these times, when we feel powerless over circumstances we cannot control that it is most comforting to have someone in our corner; Someone to cheer us on and encourage us; Someone to tell us they love us no matter what. So know this; I love you. I’m in your corner. I’ve got your back. We can stand together and face whatever comes our way. Suddenly I want to tell you we are “heading down the highway looking for adventure.”
Remember 9/11 when all the “United We Stand” stickers were the rage. We are there again. We are facing threats foreign and domestic and our media keeps beating that into our brains. As we prepare to celebrate a day of love let us include everyone in the warmth of our embrace. Let’s make this day bigger than a celebration of romantic love and rather celebrate love in the biggest sense of the word. Let’s celebrate love as that gift to humanity that sets us apart where we can empathize with one another and share our strength. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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