We Are All In This Together

I’m sipping coffee on the back porch enjoying one of those first warm spring mornings. The sun is warm on my shoulders as I listen to my jams on Pandora. Net neutrality allows me to stream my favorite tunes without extra charges from my internet provider. The new administration, as part of their plan to limit or accessibility to an open internet, are seeking to change that.
img_0061The family is gathering tomorrow for Sunday dinner. I’m making a family favorite Peruvian Chicken with green sauce. The recipe calls for fresh produce and citrus. It’s delicious. It is so freaking amazing to live in a land of abundant fresh ingredients to share with our family at the table. I often reflect on the cherished memories of laughter and the sharing of our hopes and dreams when we come together. The ingredients for those meals could soon become much more expensive. The new administration wants to crack down on the migrant workers that are essential to the harvest of the food we put on the table.
My youngest son is having his best year ever at school. We have utilized some resources available at my son’s school where he is now performing at superior levels like we always knew he could. I can’t imagine much that would cause a parent’s heart to soar as much as seeing their child succeed where he always struggled before. The new administration doesn’t value the programs our son needs and that concerns us greatly.
Did I mention I’m enjoying a beautiful day on my back porch? An amazing thing about living in Northern Virginia is that at any given moment fox, deer, raccoons, and hawks will visit our corner lot. The air is clean and the streams run clear. We have made so much progress since the 70’s when I recall making anti pollution posters for earth day projects. The new administration believes the cost of a healthy planet is to great of a burden on American industry.
We make a very comfortable living I’m happy to report. Yet even being among the highest percentages of income my household img_0060has very little comprehension of what a privileged few experience in their daily lives. I’m OK with not knowing extravagance. What I have a problem with is the growing income inequality as captain’s of industry and investments take more and more of the pie while so many are left behind. It’s a real thing. I’ve been a CEO and I can attest that I absolutely depended on my employees to secure my success. Did I deserve a salary 300 times higher than my staff? Hell no. I can tell you, as a CEO I had the authority to set the wages and I would have felt criminal to support that idea.
Sometimes when I read the comments under news stories or on social media I question why it is so important for me to resist this administration. I’m fairly confident that whatever happens in the next four years my family will survive. This isn’t about that. The things I value: access to a free press (and Pandora,) affordable food for everyone, quality public education, a healthy planet and economic opportunity for all drive my conscience. Let’s throw in affordable health care while we are at it. Capitalism is a beautiful thing but unbridled capitalism is ugly and we must guard against the elite oligarchy that is using fear and populism to divide us. United we stand. The temptation to assume that people get what they deserve can be tempting but remember, rising tides lift all boats and is foundational to liberal thought. Let’s resist all challenges to the real American dream and persist in all adversity. Believe in the pendulum.


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  1. Monopoly capitalism is a curse. Witness the corporate mergers. They’re choking our economy. We must fight for what is just & fair. That’s why I prefer something along the lines of a combined capitalism/socialism type economy that exist in Western Europe especially Scandinavia. Let’s hope that the pendulum swing to our favor soon.

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