Deconstruction of the Administrative State?

Steve Bannon says, “the new administration is in an unending battle for deconstruction of the administrative state.”
Wait. WHAT?
I’m rather fond of my government I must say. We have free and arguably fair elections so I can have confidence that this administration won’t last forever. That’s the first thing. We once lived in a land where only white property owners could vote. I like that our government expanded the right to vote to all majority non-felon citizens.
I like the idea that I will likely be around for a long time to watch img_0063my family grow and succeed. Government provides me with clean water, air and trash removal. The Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency ensure I have safe food and air and safe medicine. Actually the government is responsible for funding most of the private research that goes into all medical advances. That’s good, right?
In spite of recent gains by foreign nations the United States still leads the world in technological innovation. Is that an accident? Maybe public education, the 1785 Land Act,land-grant colleges and the GI Bill had something to do with that. What could Steve Banon and 45 possibly be thinking by saying they want to deconstruct American education?
I love my job but I don’t want to do it forever. Social Security and Medicare are a big part of my retirement plans. I maybe could have saved enough on my own, with some luck, in there private sector, to have those benefits. But then I guarantee you I would have needed the protection of government through the strength of a more robust Securities and Exchange Commission to protect my investments from the robber barons of Wall Street.
How do you plan to get to work on Monday? Do you think you might drive in a safety regulated car on a public road? Maybe you’ll take a train or a bus. However you get there I’m certain you’re glad that it wasn’t the role of private investors to blaze the trail to your front door. And where do you think airports come from? And if you live in Arkansas or Alabama do you think anyone would have built an interstate highway or airport to connect you with the rest of us? I rest my case.
Your cellphone and post office, the internet and broadcasting; how much of that do you think you might enjoy had government not pooled our tax dollars for the greater good? If those resources were funded on a profit motive they would be nonexistent or unaffordable to the masses.
Most of our energy comes from private companies but big capital projects like dams and the development of nuclear technology came from your government. I don’t think anyone should be in favor of deregulating nuclear power plants.
Our military, police and fire departments, libraries and many parks and museums are here by way of your government. The space program and defense research fuel our knowledge and economy. Advancements in medicine, electronics, and communications are all because of the government. Do you ever rely on GPS? Thank the government.
Could our government do better? Of course it could. But what we img_0064are witnessing now, in this time, under the leadership of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump should scare the hell out of you. Life as you know it is at risk and the freedoms you lose may be your own, Resist. Persist.


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